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White tea with bergamot.

Heavenly beautiful White Peony ( Pai Mu Tan ) tea, whose young and freshly developed leaves and unopened downy buds are imbued with the fragrance of bergamot. Like stars in the sky, rose and mallow petals twinkle alluringly. The distinctly citrusy and light brew perfectly quenches thirst and intoxicates with happiness.

Drunk with happiness we reach out our hand for another cup....

COMPOSITION: white tea, bergamot oil, mallow flowers, rose petals, natural aroma.


White teas are made exclusively from the newly germinated buds of the tea plant. These buds are covered with a silvery-white tinsel, which protects the delicate leaves from the harsh rays of the sun and, above all, pests. White tea is the least processed tea - the leaves, plucked from the bush, are only dried in a mostly sunny and airy place. There is very little enzymatic oxidation, which is why white tea leaves have little dark coloring. It contains a large amount of antioxidants and quite a bit of caffeine, which is a natural repellent and protects the delicate, young leaves of the tea plant from lurking pests. However, the amount of caffeine is not as high as in coffee. To prepare this wonderful composition, we used young leaves of PaiMuTan white tea, also known as White Peony, and downy silver nubs known as silver tips. These silver needles - Silver Needle are obtained from a different variety of tea bush, which gives birth to many rather long parcels - how many such parcels need to be plucked in order to obtain 1 kg of Silver Needle white tea ? - as much as 5 kg. Therefore, efforts were made to grow the most efficient varieties possible. Our White Earl Grey smells wonderful. You will also find a lot of citrusy notes of bergamot in the sunny yellow, clear brew. 

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Tin ( loose tea )
Herbata Sypana
Piag The Fresh Tea
Earl Grey

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