701. Milky Oolong (100g) - green oolong with a lurid vanilla and milk flavor - PIAG The Fresh Tea

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A green oolong with a faintly milky aroma.

Oolongs are teas that bridge the gap between green teas , where oxidation is not allowed to begin, and black teas, where oxidation occurs one hundred percent. Our Milky Oolong is a green oolong with a sweet milky flavor, which owes its presence to naturally occurring lactones in the leaves of tea bushes growing on Taiwan, a beautiful island formerly known as Formosa.

Sunshine in a cup! . 

COMPOSITION: green oolong from Taiwan, natural aroma.

We do what we can, what we can't we do ;) to make a cup of exclusive PIAG tea synonymous with luxury leisure! 

Kolekcja Oczywista
Tin ( loose tea )
Herbata Sypana
Piag The Fresh Tea

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